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A. Rae Fitness opened its doors in April of 2019. Ashlynn's journey to good health has been a long road, which is why she is so passionate about what she does. Learn more about her story and what lies behind the mission of A. Rae Fitness. 

Wellness Experience

Ashlynn has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and has been in the industry for about 9 years. She was a collegiate soccer athlete, and in 2019, she took a leap and stepped into the competing world of Bodybuilding. She is now a NPC Bikini competitor that has competed in 2 shows within 6 months. She has worked with nearly any type of client, from those with severe limitations, to sport specific training for athletes, to elderly. She also specializes in helping those who have dietary restrictions in regards to nutrition.

Nutrition Coaching

What does "eating healthy" even mean anymore? Are you tired of starting and stopping every new "diet" you try? Learn how to fuel your body the RIGHT way from a knowledgeable and realistic professional.

Personal Training

Get the results you are looking for from a qualified, experienced trainer with a plan personalized for YOU and your individual goals.

Sport Specific Training

Want to know how you can excel in your sport? Get a tapered plan to know how you should train in season and off season.



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A. Rae Fitness

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