Personal Training

Personal training clients coming together for a Saturday morning group workout!

What is the goal?

The goal is to educate you on the many aspects and benefits of fitness and physical activity. 

What does Personal Training entail?

  • Ability to work one-on-one with the trainer or in a group setting (up to 3 people)
  • Gain motivation and accountability from a knowledgeable and evolving professional
  • Learn proper form, techniques, and how to set up machines
  • Gain understanding on programming for workouts, such as proper sets, reps, and what muscles are worked in certain exercises
  • Additional free classes offered with package, such as cycling
  • Huge gym with free weights, machines, cables, cardio equipment, turf section, locker room, and tanning 
  • Hour long sessions and ability to work with various budgets
  • Price per session varies depending on number of times training per week
  • Body measurements recorded and assessed every 4 weeks. Body fat composition available upon request.


Personal Training Client Testimony

"I came to Ashlynn over 6 months ago after having my 5th foot surgery. I was non-weight bearing at the time and I was on crutches. I could not work out like I wanted to, so I hired Ashlynn. She gave me exercises to do that I would still burn high calories without adding any more strain to my foot. She has taught me the importance of fueling my body with the correct food daily, especially with lifting. Fast forward to last month, I was in a terrible car accident, and was again faced with hurdles. With Ashlynn, there are no excuses. She has motivated and inspired me and I truly believe the sky is the limit with her. My husband saw the changes in my life because of her and now we train together weekly, and our relationship is better because of it. Not only have I gained a healthy lifestyle, I have gained an amazing friend. Ashlynn is passionate about her job, but more importantly, she cares about her clients. In 6 months, I am down 17 pounds and several inches everywhere. Ashlynn has changed my lifestyle, my husband's, and soon will be changing my kids."

-Sarah Staker, 40