Ashlynn's journey to good health has been a long road, which is why her passion lies in helping others achieve a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. After being diagnosed with IBS and Celiac Disease, Ashlynn has had to really dive deep into the importance of fueling the body with proper nutrition, consistency, & training.


Educate. Inspire. Transform.

My mission at A. Rae Fitness is to provide you with the proper tools, resources, and education you need in order to meet your goals. All of my methods are science backed, with years of hands on and personal experience. The goal is to teach you how to live a healthy, yet sustainable lifestyle that is realistic for your life, family, and needs. 

If you have ever wondered why fad diets are NEVER ending, it is because (solely from a business and marketing perspective) they know most people want a quick fix. They bet on the fact that almost everyone that starts it will stop within the first 1-3 months. Meaning, you will think you "need" their program again when you put the weight back on, thus getting more and more money out of you each time.

My goal is to stop this fad diet nonsense and inspire you to fuel your body properly. Take control of your life and transform your mind and body to live this new lifestyle for LONG TERM RESULTS!