Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to eat healthy and still make it delicious. Tacos, who said tacos!

What is the goal?

The goal is to ultimately learn how to get yourself into a realistic and sustainable lifestyle. Let me take the questioning off the table for you, which inevitably helps keep you away from starting and stopping your goals. Learn how to actually understand the process and fuel your mind and body the right way for overall better health, self-care, and long term results.

What does A. Rae Fitness provide that is different?

Ashlynn specializes in the ability to cater to those with restrictive diets due to illness or intolerances, such as gluten and dairy intolerance, vegan diets, elimination/FODMAP diet, etc. However, Ashlynn can cater to all different types of struggles and needs, and will set up a plan for you and your personal goals.

What does my nutrition coaching entail?

  • Can be done remotely or in person
  • 3 month commitment required, discounted rate at a 5 month commitment
  • Full availability for questions and focusing on educating the individual on a day to day basis
  • Customized meal plan catered to you and your individual needs and goals; includes meal breakdowns, portion sizes, etc.
  • Approved grocery list and full access to recipes
  • Help with meal prepping and planning
  • Supplement recommendations with an exclusive 20% discount
  • Ability to "phase up" upon coach discretion after initial 3 months
  • Discounted rate when combining nutritional coaching and personal training

Nutrition Client Testimony

 "In the first 30 days of my journey with Ashlynn, I started seeing changes in myself that were happening so fast that I started writing them down. I have given up diet coke from McDonald's for over 60 days now, and when she first told me I could do it, I thought it was impossible. I no longer feel hungry or deprived, and I actually enjoy eating food and look forward to my meals. I am no longer letting food control my life. The best part of it all, is I feel so much better about myself. I am going to be 59 in January and I never thought I could feel like this again. Ashlynn told me to "TRUST the process", and I did. Ashlynn, you are the best!"

-Mel Carpenter, 58